Regional products – origins and interesting facts

Our local products are created in a thousand-year-old, unique cultural landscape, which is characterized by heathlands, forests, wetlands, fields and meadows.

The cultural landscape has certainly been created by human hands and is therefore not pristine, but large areas have long been under protection. It provides a habitat for many rare plants and animals. At the same time, it is also an important recreational area for people who have long visited our homeland. It is the foundation for healthy, high-quality and original products.

There are many good reasons to buy local products:

  • quality through freshness and reliability,
  • income for local businesses,
  • strengthening small and medium-sized structures,
  • preservation of the cultural landscape and support for landscape conservation,
  • climate protection through short transportation distances, and
  • strengthening regional identity through authentic products

You will find that our Nature Park is rich in local food and specialties. Heather honey, heathland potatoes, trout, Heidschnucke (German grey heath) sheep and buckwheat dishes are probably the most famous specialties of the region. In addition, there are a number of other regional products.