Discover the diversity of the landscape on 5 themed walks

Discover the diversity of the landscape on 5 themed walks. The hiking trails, which we will introduce to you on the following pages, lead you on a themed route to a special point of interest. Each one is designed to take you on interesting routes, very close to nature.

Lila Krönung (Purple Coronation)

Ein Foto eines Wanderwegs

Experience the heathland in all its magic! This trail crosses the largest continuous heathland area in the Nature Park from east to west. Learn more about "Purple Coronation".

Culture foundlings

Ein Foto eines Wanderwegs

This hiking trail invites you to follow the in the footsteps of cultural history. It leads you through charming villages to the outstanding cultural and art historical sites of the Heath. Learn more about "Culture foundlings ".

Parcours of magical moments

Ein Foto einer Hügellandschaft

This hiking trail takes you through the expanses of the hilly landscape. Be enchanted by forests and rolling fields, from green meadows and wide vistas in the river valleys. Learn more about " Parcours of magical moments".

Pastor Bode Trail

Ein Foto des Pastor Bode - Wegs

This trail follows in the footsteps of the clergyman and conservationist. One can imagine that Pastor Bode often took this route - it is one of the most beautiful that leads to Wilsede. Learn more about "Pastor Bode - Trail ".

Heathland Puzzle

Ein Foto von Heideblüten

Many small and large heathland areas lie scattered in Lüneburg Heath Nature Park. This theme trail connects them together. Learn more about "Heathland Puzzle".