Mission statement of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park Region

The districts and municipalities, which are part of the "Lüneburg Heath Natural Park Region", have jointly developed a model which serves as the basis for joint regional development.

Located to the south of the metropolitan region of Hamburg, Lüneburg Heath Nature Park Region is a high-quality area for living, business and recreation. We want to secure and improve this quality.

The cultural landscape in the centre of Lüneburg Heath, with its extensive heathland and its diverse and small-scale structure, is unique in Europe and forms the main asset of our Nature Park.

We protect the core areas of this landscape as a living testimony to the farming of heathland, as habitats for special plant and animal species, and as areas for intensive nature experiences. Other areas of the landscape are developed so that they meet today’s requirements and at the same time preserve their character. 

The best way to predict the future is to shape it.

(Zitatgeber: Unbekannt)

Environmentally sound and proper management in the Nature Park Region

In agriculture and forestry, we combine the requirements of the market with the principles of long-term, environmentally sound and proper management. In this sense, we are building sustainable business and livelihoods.

We increasingly place our products in Lüneburg Heath Nature Park itself and in neighbouring regions. In this way, we strengthen regional identity and support the regional economy.

We are committed to our roots as ‘Heidjer’, but are also open to new cultural developments. Through careful local development, we combine the charm of the past with the needs of the present and the future.

Attractive range of topics, competent support and good transport links

Throughout the year we have an attractive range of topics to encourage you to discover our typical heathland nature and culture. Various leisure parks offer attractions for young and old. All of them offer good quality. We market our tourist offer regardless of municipal and district boundaries.

Modern information centres, guided tours and competent on-site support are the pillars of our diverse information service for locals and visitors to Lüneburg Heath Nature Park.

Adequate mobility in our rural area is of great importance for both the local population and for visitors. We are committed to the good interconnection of different modes of transport and optimal coordination of the public transport service.

We are fully aware that we can only achieve our goals together. Partnership and constructive cooperation between all stakeholders are essential for our success, from administrative bodies, companies, associations and other institutions, to wider public participation.