Dear hiking enthusiasts,

Lüneburg Heath Nature Park invites you to hike close to nature. A surprisingly varied landscape awaits you.

A mysterious atmosphere lies over the heathlands with the juniper bushes rising like pillars. With subtle transitions and surprising contrasts, the sandy, dry heathlands transform into the surrounding wetlands. Forests and wetlands, rivers and streams invite you to go hiking in many directions.

The soil profile of the gently rolling landscape with distinctive elevations has been shaped by the ice ages. When people settled here, they began to change nature. The cultural landscape of the Heath was born. Following in the footsteps of this story is a fascinating journey. It leads far into pre-history and protohistory. Follow it through heathland villages, which were created in the Middle Ages, to the places where the foundations for today's Nature Reserve were laid at the beginning of the 20th century.

Five attractive themed hiking trails and four long-distance trails open up the vast expanse of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park.

Take your time and discover the diversity of the landscape. The design of the hiking trails in the Nature Park allows you to enjoy a peaceful hiking experience and takes into account the need to protect nature. Each hiking trails has a specific theme leading you to special sights. Each trail is designed to take you on exciting routes close to nature.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Your Lüneburg Heath Nature Park