Active and mobile on Lüneburg Heath

Lüneburg Heath Nature Park is ideal for horse riding, Nordic walking, hiking, and cycling. The region offers an extensive and well-developed network of paths and trails for the active holiday maker.

Various themed routes and package deals guide you into the landscape and nature features as well as give tips for hotels and restaurants. Families with children are not over-looked. For them, the Nature Park offers interactive family experience trails and other activities specifically for this target Group.

Conservation and active tourism

Irrespective of national borders, areas which are of particular importance for conservation of natural biodiversity should be identified and placed under special protection. Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve in the heart of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park is an integral part of the Natura 2000 network. We know that an intact natural environment is a vital prerequisite for the economic well-being of the region as well as for successful tourism. It is the goal of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park to preserve its valuable natural areas for the future and to ensure that future generations will find relaxation and stimulation in the species-rich and vibrant heathland. That is why we are developing concepts for tourism and leisure activities which are compatible with nature. We offer our visitors gentle walks into the countryside and promote the acceptance of nature conservation measures through nature experiences and environmental education facilities. Act responsibly to help to protect our natural and cultural landscape!

We promote climate-friendly tourism

A particular concern for us to implement our offers on a climate-friendly basis and to raise awareness among the relevant service providers. An expert group, in coordination with the Working Group on Nature / Sustainability / Rural Areas / UNESCO World Heritage, has prepared the "Empfehlungen für Destinationen und Leistungsträger zur Gestaltung eines klimafreundlichen Tourismus in Niedersachsen" (Recommendations for destinations and service providers for the design of climate-friendly tourism in Lower Saxony". PDF, 134 KB, in German).

Ein Blatt aus sommerlichen Tagen,
Ich nahm es so im Wandern mit,
Auf dass es einst mir möge sagen,
Wie laut die Nachtigall geschlagen,
Wie grün der Wald, den ich durchschritt.

(Quote: Theodor Storm)

Emergency meeting points in the woods

In order to improve the safety of nature lovers, the state forests have set up emergency meeting points in the Lower Saxony forests. At these meeting points you will be found more quickly if you need assistance. You can download an app from the state forests website.