Planetary trail in Handeloh

The Timmerloher Trail in Handeloh was an important trade route in the Middle Ages, since it led to Handeloh timber market. From here the Hanseatic towns of Hamburg, Bremen and Lüneburg were supplied with wood.

Today you can follow a special 1.2 km route which gives you an insight into our solar system. On a one-to-five-billion scale, it takes you from one planet to the next. One metre is 5 million kilometres. They move with 16 times the speed of light. It starts with the sun. After completing half of the trail, and on a heathland at the end, you have the opportunity to rest and to learn more about the nature and the landscape.

Address and directions

The Timmerloher Trail leads off the main road in 21256 Handeloh. There is a disabled parking space at the Planetary Trail.

The distance from Handeloh train station is about 1 km. The "Erixx" train goes from here. From 15th July to 15th October, the Heath Shuttle stops at the station.

Notes on accessibility

Path length: 750 metres

Path quality: concrete, incline: 0-1%

Disabled toilet: is located at the Town Hall (Rathaus) in the street Markt 1 and is accessible during opening hours (info sheet). Another disabled WC is located at the train station in Bahnhofstraße.

Area Overview