On the trail of the juniper spirit - from Döhle and Oberhaverbeck to Wilsede

The "Machandel" juniper spirit trail takes you on an exciting discovery tour through Lüneburg Heide Nature Reserve. It shows you the secrets of the Heath. Go on a "Blind Journey" and guess which plants grow on the edge of the forest. Let the bees tell you how often they have to fly to make one kilogramme of honey and let the clouds rain on the Wilseder Berg ...

In the heathland village of Wilsede you can visit the Heath Museum. Here you can find out about the idioms "to put your foot in it" and "step on it".

From Wilsede it goes back to the starting point: If you want, with the carriage.

Information about the trails from Döhle and Oberhaverbeck to Wilsede

Information: Stiftung Naturschutzpark Lüneburger Heide

Phone number: 05198 - 987030

Length of trail: Oberhaverbeck - Wilsede 5.5 km, Döhle - Wilsede 5.3 km

Address / location: Car parks in Döhle and Oberhaverbeck, in the direction of Wilsede

Note: Only partly suitable for families with prams and pushchairs (cobblestones); Wilsede Heath museum is open from May to October

Notes on accessibility

  • the path to the sheep stall has been renewed (it is necessary to cross the road)
  • the track is 4.5 km long and has some steeper gradients
  • partly cobblestones, partly trails with firm ground on the edge
  • a few benches installed (some with backrests)
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