Nature and culture of Lüneburg Heath

Most people, when they think of Lüneburg Heath, will firstly imagine of the heather with its purple flowers, juniper, as well as shepherds and Schnucken (German grey heath) sheep. But this 5,000-year-old cultural landscape is characterized by much more.

Lüneburg Heath Nature Park invites you on a varied journey of discovery. Visit mystical forests, bubbling springs and wide-open heathland. Forests and wetlands, fields and meadows, springs and rivers, rare animals and plants are all just as much a part of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park as thatched houses, farmsteads among old oak trees, and ancient customs.

Discover the natural sights and wonders of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park. You can experience the harmony and tranquillity of the countryside at a total of 47 potential favourite locations.

Also worth seeing is the artistic interpretation of the landscape. The collective art work of the Bossard Site of Arts combines art with life and landscape architecture, and Springhornhof is a special highlight of international landscape art.

Lüneburg Heath Nature Park is a rural region, where agriculture is still very important today. It is not only an important employer, but it also produces high-quality food through environmentally sound management and preserves the attractiveness of the area as a tourism region. Find out more about the regional products of Lüneburg Heath in our regional shopping guide.