Lüneburg Heath Nature Park (since 2007)

"Lüneburg Heath Nature Park" stretches over parts of the three districts of Harburg, Heidekreis and Lüneburg and includes numerous nature reserves in the region. This includes the most famous reserve around Wilseder Berg.

Naturpark Lüneburger Heide

Nature parks are large-scale protected areas designated under the Federal Nature Conservation Act (§ 27) and are therefore regions that maintain and develop the cultural landscape, support sustainable regional development, promote landscape and nature conservation, develop environmentally compatible recreation areas, and strengthen environmental awareness. The Nature Park is also a part of Lüneburg Heath tourist destination, which actually extends beyond the area of the Nature Park (see below).

  • In 2007 LH Nature Park was expanded from 223 km2 to 1070 km2. The occasion was a citizens' participation process under the EU LEADER +funding programme.
  • Its size today is 1070 km2, with around 100,000 inhabitants.
  • Lüneburg Heath Nature Park Board of Trustees has been managing Lüneburg Heath nature park since 2006.
  • The Association finances its activities through membership fees and acquired funds. All concerned municipalities and districts as well as clubs, associations, companies and private individuals are members of the Board of Trustees.

The Managing Director is Mrs. Hilke Feddersen, Chairman is Mr. Olaf Muus.

Lüneburg Heath Nature Conservation Park Foundation and Association

"Nature Conservation Park" is the name of an association which has been significantly active for more than 100 years in conserving and maintaining Lüneburg Heath. Hence the term "Lüneburg Heath Nature Conservation Park" is an old term used to refer to an area that today is identical to Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve. There are historical reasons for this.


Before legal protection measures under the Prussian government, or later under state conservation laws, the Association made the area around the Wilseder Berg into a "nature conservation park". This attained the status of a nature conservation area, for which the “Verein Naturschutzpark” continues to carry out many of the nature conservation tasks.

  • The VNP is an owner of land in the nature reserve, in addition to many other (state forests, monastic chamber, private).

Structurally the Association is divided into a foundation with a non-profit association and a limited company (GmbH). The Managing Director is Mr. Mathias Zimmermann, the Chairman is Mr. Wilfried Holtmann.

Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve

With its large, continuous heathland, Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve (NCA) is the heart of the Nature Park. Under article 23 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act, nature conservation areas are protected by regulations against disturbance and change. Wildlife and landscape are subject to particular protection.

NSG Lüneburger Heide
  • Lüneburg Heath NCA covers 223 km2.
  • Official responsibility lies with the lower nature conservation authorities of Harburg and Heidekreis districts are.

In 1956 Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve was created from the entire area Lüneburg Heath Nature Park. This was one of the first nature parks in Germany and is enshrined as a large-scale protected area in the Federal Nature Conservation Act. From 1956 to 2006, the VNP was responsible for the Nature Park; it was expanded and registered as an independent association.

Lüneburg Heath Tourist Destination since 2008

Last but not least, Lüneburg Heath is an important area for tourism. Visitors from all over the world have always been inspired by the unique atmosphere of the flowering heather. The charm of the heath, however, extends beyond the Nature Park and it is therefore seen and managed as a "tourist destination".

Lüneburger Heide GmbH

"Lüneburg Heath" a tourist destination consists of the three districts of Celle, Uelzen, Heidekreis, the towns of Celle and Lüneburg, as well as parts of the districts of Lüneburg and Harburg.

  • Size about 7000 km2 / inhabitants about 700,000
  • Lüneburg Heath tourist destination is marketed by Lüneburger Heide GmbH.
  • Lüneburger Heide GmbH is financed by the districts and some private partners.
  • Managing Director is Mr Ulrich von dem Bruch

Chairman of the Board is Mr. Rainer Rempe