Protected areas in Lüneburg Heath Nature Park

According to law, a nature park consists of at least 50% nature and landscape protection areas. The most famous protected area in the Nature Park is the "Lüneburg Heath" NCA in its geographical centre. You can find out more about the different categories of protected areas here.

In Lüneburg Heath Nature Park there are currently over 20 nature conservation areas covering more than 25,000 ha. In addition, there are 50 landscape protection areas, which are within or partly within the Nature Park Region, covering about 25,700 ha. The largest nature conservation area is "Lüneburg Heath" Nature Reserve with approximately 23,440 hectares in the heart of the Nature Park; the largest landscape conservation area is the "Garlstorfer Wald" with approximately 10,000 hectares.

Learn more about what lies behind the individual protected area categories or learn about the core area of "Lüneburg Heath" NCA.