By bike across Lüneburg Heath

Lüneburg Heath Nature Park invites you to get closer to nature by bicycle. The charisma of the landscape is mysterious and changeable: one time it seems like a graceful idyll, another time it is hauntingly lonely. A change in the light is enough to do this. In Lüneburg Heath Nature Park you can discover this landscape in all its aspects: wide heath areas surrounded by forests and wetlands, gently rolling terrain with distinctive elevations. Fascinating contrasts and subtle transitions can be experienced as you glide over the dry sandy surface of the heathland and cycle through alder carr forests to reed-covered embankments.

Cycling is an ideal way to explore and enjoy this diversity. A well-developed system of comfortable cycle paths opens up the entire region of the Nature Park. In Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve you have to adjust to the typical sandy, partly soft soils which are typical of a heathland landscape. Cyclists with luggage will sometimes need to dismount. There are many different ways to reach specific targets. We would like to present some of them in this thematic routes brochure. They take you into the silence of the countryside, let you discover art and culture, or have adventures with your children.

Experiencing and protecting nature go together in Lüneburg Heath Nature Park. And since you can only protect what you know, on the following pages we would like to introduce you to the nature of our landscape and to give you an insight into past, present and future conservation measures in this landscape. Then you will come close to the secret of the heathland.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Lüneburg Heath Nature Park