Objectives and responsibilities of the Nature Park

In Lüneburg Heath, nature conservation, tourism and environmentally-sound regional development are at the heart of the work of the Nature Park.

The primary objective of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park is to promote and support the ideas and commitment of the people, initiatives and organizations living here so as to shape an active future for the region. The Nature Park thus promotes sustainable development of the region as an area for living, business and recreation. The diversity and beauty of the unique cultural landscape is to be preserved through responsible use. Lüneburg Heath Nature Park and its partners create attractive nature experiences for its guests; they also strengthen environmentally sound, countryside-based tourism. Regional value added will be increased, for example through marketing of regional products.

As well as the protection of nature and the landscape, the preservation and development of regional culture and traditions is of great importance to Lüneburg Heath Nature Park. Regional identity should be strengthened and the quality of life improved. The charm of the past should be harmonised with the needs of the present and of the future.

To be precise, the tasks of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park are to...

  • ... preserve and develop the cultural landscape,
  • ... support sustainable regional development,
  • ... promote nature experiences and to develop landscape compatible recreation opportunities,

... and increase environmental awareness.

Current projects and documents

To find out about present activities and project initiatives, we recommend that you visit the website for projects currently supported by the Nature Park. Alternatively, you can always find up-to-date information on events and activities around the Nature Park on our homepage. Or just take a look at our Facebook page; the link to our profile with news and photos can be found at the top of this page. You will also find comprehensive concepts for the general meetings, objectives and areas of responsibility of the Nature Park in the download section of the service section of our Website.