Natural forest cell in Hambörn

In the local recreational area of Hambörn in Südergellersen, you will find a beautiful ensemble of a restored heathland and a mixed deciduous forest with 200-year-old beech trees. What is special about the forest is that it is a natural forest.

Natural forests are characterized by a near-natural tree species composition, stands of old trees, and a high proportion of deadwood. There is no management. The extraction of wood and other economic uses are prohibited. In this way a new wild forest is being created.

Many animal and plant species are at home here - while quietly pausing and listening, you will surely see and hear some things in the forest and heathland.

Address and directions

The car park is located on the street "Am Hambörn", 21394 Südergellersen. There is disabled parking.

Notes on accessibility

Path length: 150 metres

Path quality: compacted surface, incline: 0-1%

Disabled toilet: is located at behind the sheep stall.