Pilgrimage on Jacobus Trail

A pilgrimage is a special type of walk: praying with your feet and the discovery of slowness.

The traveller moves between faith, contemplation and nature. Away from public roads through forest, field and heath. Switch off from everyday life and find peace in nature – Jacobus Trail on Lüneburg Heath reveals these possibilities in a variety of ways.

In the year 2000, more than 50 pilgrimage signs were discovered in Lüneburg Heath. The medieval path was revived as an old pilgrimage.

Jacobus Trail on Lüneburg Heath is 433 km long. The starting point is St. Jacobi pilgrim church in Hamburg. From here, the path leads through Lüneburg Heath Nature Park to Soltau. Here it divides into two routes:one tour leads through the Aller-Leine valley to Mariensee Convent, the second tour runs through the 480 km² Südheide Nature Park. In Mandelsloh, about 10 km from Mariensee Convent, both paths meet again.

No pilgrim comes home without one less prejudice and a new idea.

(Quote: St. Thomas More)