Theme routes through Lüneburg Heath Nature Park

The "Heath Network" cycle paths lead you through the entire region of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park. The honeycomb-shaped system of the path network makes it possible to customize tours of different lengths and difficulty. To give you an idea of the variety of possible destinations, here we will introduce you to the thematic routes, each of which highlights one aspect of the diversity of the natural and cultural landscape of Lüneburg Heath.

Through heathland and water

Eine einfache Zeichnung eines Fahrrads und eines Fisches

This tour promises tranquillity and scenic beauty. Along the watercourses away from the busier roads, you will experience one of the most beautiful natural experiences: an encounter with the barren heathland landscape with the diverse world of water.

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Heathland - an experience for the whole family

Eine einfache Zeichnung eines Fahrrads und zweier Strichmännchen

Climb up high, explore the soil, play in the forest, onto the moor, help bats, go on a discovery tour with the "Lion of the Heath", meet bears, wolves, owls and eagles: turn the Heath into an adventure for your children.

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The heathland art tour

Eine einfache Zeichnung eines Fahrrads und dreier Bauklötzchen

This tour will lead you through the exciting art landscape of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park. The interaction of man and nature has shaped the landscape. Artists respond to it and make it possible to have a new view of this exciting relationship.

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