Land and people of Lüneburg Heath - the Heidjer

Heidjer is the endearing, Low German term for the inhabitants of Lüneburg Heath. Churches, mills and old farm buildings, as well as archaeological sites, testify to the centuries-old history of the region and the life of the Heidjer.

The regional dialect of "Heidjer-Platt" is an important cultural asset and expression of the mentality. Legends and fairy tales tell of giants, witches, robber barons and amorous trolls. Writers and painters such as Herman Löns, Christian Morgenstern and August Freudenthal, but also classic films (‘‘Heimatfilme‘‘) have shaped the image of Lüneburg Heath and made it well-known. Many writers and artists are still inspired by the sometimes gloomy and foggy ambience of the heathland. All this combines to create the flair of our land. Explore the history of our region and get to know the Heidjer better.

Legends and fairytales tell of giants, witches and love-crazed trolls. Authors and painters the likes of Herman Löns, Christian Morgenstrern and August Freudenthal, but also movies have helped shape the public perception and image of the Lüneburger Heath and have made it popular. Many artists have settled and still settle here in order to be inspired by its somewhat foggy and mysterious aura.

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On the following pages you can learn more about some of the facets of Heidjer life on Lüneburg Heath:

Low German, the language of the Heidjer

Legends and poets from Lüneburg Heath

Monuments and historic accounts of the region