Colourful festivals in a beautiful landscape

The heathland inhabitants have always felt the need to celebrate. Nowadays, the annual highlights in the region are the heather blossom festivals, which take place every August in Amelinghausen, Schneverdingen and Holm-Seppensen. They no longer just attract locals, but they now draw in several thousand guests from all over Germany. Join the celebration! You are very welcome!

Amelinghausen heather blossom festival

Amelinghausen celebrated its 67th heather blossom festival and the choosing of its Heather Queen from the 13th - 21st of August 2016. The opening event in the beautiful natural setting of Lopausee attracts several thousand guests every year to Amelinghausen. The festive setting includes the romantically-lit forest, as well as various music and dance performances. One of the highlights of the evening is northern Germany's largest open-air laser show over the lake. Then there is the crowning finale of the fireworks. The coronation of the Heather Queen is always on the penultimate Sunday in August, the last day of the colourful heather blossom festival.

In 1949, the members of Amelinghausen male choir decided to choose a young girl to be Heather Queen during their singing festival. This idea was so successful that in the following year the first official heathe festival in Amelinghausen was celebrated.

During the year of her reign, the Heather Queen represents both the municipality of Amelinghausen and the district of Lüneburg on many occasions nationwide.

Schneverdingen heather blossom festival

The town of Schneverdingen also offers its inhabitants and guests a magnificent heather blossom festival, from 25th to 28th August 2016. It was first celebrated in 1922 as the "Festival of White Roses". Since 1936 it has been called heather blossom festival.

The Heather Queen is chosen in Schneverdingen by the board of the Heideblüte Schneverdingen association. and then solemnly crowned on an open-air stage in Höpental. Before that, a large parade moves through the city. The programme includes theatre performances, open-air events, a lantern procession, and a fireworks Display.