Shepherd and Schnucken (German grey heath)

Would you like to see the Schnucken (German grey heath)? Even today we cannot imagine the heathland without Schnucken and shepherds, and surely you will also expect to meet them on a visit to our region. In Lüneburg Heath Nature Park you do not have to leave such a meeting to chance. There are many possibilities to meet a scurrying flock with their alert and hard-working sheep dogs and the shepherd – a special nature experience.

Our tip: spend a whole day with a shepherd and watch him work over his shoulder or join in yourself.

Schnucken (German grey heath) around Neuenkirchen

In Neuenkirchen you will find one of the largest flocks of Heidschnucken (German grey heath) on Lüneburg Heath. Driving the flock into the stable can be experienced daily from Tuesday to Saturday at 5.30 pm at Schäferhof in Neuenkirchen. Schäferhof is a well-preserved, historical farmstead and is worth a visit for this reason alone. You can also ask Neuenkirchen Nature Park Infopoint about package offers and guided tours around the Heidschnucken. They will be happy to provide you with Information.

Schnucken (German grey heath) around Schneverdingen

In "Schneverdinger Höpen" landscape protection area, a Schnucken (German grey heath) flock is moved to the so-called "Lower Sheep Pen" at the beginning of April. By the end of October, you can watch the driving out of the Schnucken every day at 10.30 am. The flock returns between 5.30 pm and 7.00 pm. The Nature Park Information Centre in Schneverdingen also offers you a "day with the shepherds" or a package deal with the Schnucken and shepherds.

Schnucken (German grey heath) sheep on Schneverdingen Nature Reserve

Since spring 2009 you have been able to see Heidschnucken (German grey heath) in Wilsede. Shepherds and their Schnucken can also be visited in the Nature Reserve by pre-booking. Your contact persons are: Landschaftspflegehof Tütsberg, Dr. Andreas Koopmann, Tel: 05199298 or for the northern area of the Nature Reserve Inzmühlen Schnucken shepherd, Hermann Herold, Tel: 041887391 and mobile 015228941844.

Fresh Schnucken (German grey heath) sheep droppings – a gift to take for friends and relatives

If you are already in our region or are going to our Nature Park and are looking for a souvenir to take home, then we can recommend "Fresh Schnuck droppings". You can buy these delicious liquorice sweets for €1.50 in various Nature Park information offices.