How to get to Lüneburg Heath Nature Park

Lüneburg Heath Nature Park is located in the ‘city triangle’ of Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover. It extends from Buchholz in der Nordheide in the north to Soltau in the south, Schneverdingen in the west to the edge of the city of Lüneburg in the east.

The Nature Park is easily accessible via the A 7 motorway from Hamburg to Hannover. There are several motorway exits between Thieshope and Soltau-Ost that will bring you into the region. In the western part of the region, the B 3 runs north-south from Buxtehude to Soltau. The B 209 and B 71 run east-west through the Nature Park.

By train, you can get to the Nature Park from Hamburg or Hamburg-Harburg to Buchholz in der Nordheide, Handeloh or Schneverdingen. From Lüneburg train station, buses run to various places in the Nature Park.