Hotels, cafes and restaurants with accessibility information

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The hotels, cafes and restaurants listed here were checked for their accessibility by the " Nationalen Koordinationstelle Tourismus für Alle (NatKo – the National Coordination Centre of Tourism for All)".

Davidshof Schneverdingen

Davidshof is an English-style, exclusive "Bed and Breakfast" with rooms and apartments. The building is stepless and accessible. Three rooms are on the ground floor, one of them is a wheelchair-accessible room. The bathroom has folding handles on both sides on the toilet, a walk-in shower with shower seat, a height-adjustable sink and a mirror for standing and sitting in front of. There are parking spaces in front of the building. Disabled parking is marked.

Address and contact for Davidshof Schneverdingen

Lauenbrücker Str. 5
29640 Grossenwede - Schneverdingen
Tel: 04265-9540006
Fax: 04265-9540039
Mail: info(at)

"Dat greune Eck" guest house

"Dat greune Eck" guest house is in Soltau. It is suitable for wheelchair users and is allergy friendly. For wheelchair users, there is an apartment on the ground floor with step-free access to a terrace. The bathroom has a toilet with a folding handle on the right, a step-free accessible shower with a fold-down shower seat, a tilting mirror and a wheelchair-accessible sink. In the breakfast room, the tables are accessible. In addition to the wheelchair-accessible apartment, there are three ground floor rooms and an apartment. Disabled parking is not marked. There is a car park directly in front of the guest house.

Address and contact for "Dat greune Eck"

Alter Badeweg 2
29614 Soltau
Tel: 05191-16357
Fax: 05191-606872
Mail: info(at)

Camp Reinsehlen - Hotel, Gasthaus/ Restaurant

The Camp Reinsehlen Wellness & Conference Hotel is located near the town of Schneverdingen. It has 2 disabled-friendly rooms. The clearance of the room doors is 85 cm. The bed is approachable on both sides. The rooms are equipped with disabled-WCs, accessible via a sliding door. Handles were installed on the toilets on the right side. The showers are stepless accessible and have a shower seat. Wheelchairs fit under the wash basins. The hotel has disabled parking.

The restaurant and the guest house also have designated disabled parking. A disabled toilet is available, which is equipped with fold-away two-legged handles, an underride sink and a tilt mirror and a foldable changing table. The tables in the restaurant have centre feet.

Address and contact for Camp Reinsehlen

Camp-Reinsehlen 1
29640 Reinsehlen/ Schneverdingen
Tel: 05198-9830
Fax: 05198-98399
Mail: info(at)