Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve

The core area of the Nature Park is also the most famous nature conservation area "Lüneburg Heath". On this page, you will find interesting facts about its origins, but we also provide information on how to have a responsible visit to our valuable countryside.

Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve is the oldest nature conservation area in Germany and the largest Habitats Directive site in Lower Saxony. At the European level, it is designated as a "Special Protection Area" according to the Birds Directive and as a "Special Area of Conservation" under the Habitats Directive and thus forms part of the European protected area system NATURA 2000. Since 1967 Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve has held a "European Diploma of Protected Areas".

This is an award from the Council of Europe which ''recognises natural and semi-natural areas and landscapes of exceptional European importance for the preservation of biological, geological and landscape diversity and which are managed in an exemplary way''. This award has been given to 71 protected areas in 26 countries. These outstanding sites draw up an annual report on development as well as on recent events. Expert inspections are carried out periodically. This results in a report on the basis of which new or amended requirements, recommendations or non-renewal may result. Awarded in 1967 and still held today: a great success!

The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.

(Zitatgeber: Blaise Pascal)

Visitors to the large Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve will certainly notice that in the Nature Reserve

  • discreet, green signs point the way,
  • many paths are not asphalted and some are also natural,
  • carriages instead of cars take guests to Wilsede, and
  • dogs must be kept on a lead.

This may annoy some visitors, e.g. those trying to get to Wilsede quickly or sometimes having to push their bike through the sand. But all this is all for good reason: you will experience and preserve the unique and historic heath landscape as well as protect animals and plants.

Please, therefore, follow the guidelines of the NSG coordination group. In doing so you make a valuable contribution to the protection and conservation of Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve. Many thanks!