The Seeve - habitat, recreation area and nature experience

Der Eisvogel

The Seeve rises between Handeloh and Undeloh and, after 40 kilometres of passing through Geest, flows into the Elbe at Over.

In Jesteburg you can follow the course of the Seeve a little and have a good view of the habitat of this heathland stream. With luck, you can hear the kingfisher's call or see its exotic blue plumage.

With an average temperature of 6-8°C, the Seeve is considered the coldest river in northern Germany. Its clear, oxygen-rich and cool water provides a habitat for many species of fish such as grayling, river trout and sea trout.

The Seeve also invites you to relax. Take the time to linger and enjoy.

Address and directions

The car park is located on the street "Am Stübbenhof", 21266 Jesteburg. There is disabled parking.

From 15th July to 15th October the journey is possible with the Heide-Shuttle, Circuit 3. The bus stop is called "Seevebrücke" and is located directly on the street "Am Stübbenhof". The circular routes of the Heide shuttle have low-floor buses. You can find the timetable at

Notes on accessibility

Path length: 600 metres

Path quality: compacted surface, incline: 0-6%

Disabled toilet: is located at the kiosk on Kirchweg (access with Euro key), another WC is located in Café Kühn, Hauptstr. 41