Natural wonders and natural sights of Lüneburg Heath

It is really something special when the heather blooms in August and September and the landscape turns violet. It is no wonder then that this is when most visitors come to our region.

But Lüneburg Heath Nature Park offers you many other nature experiences at any time of the year, which you can explore on your own or with local nature and landscape guides. Discover the visible and hidden wonders of the nature of our region and relax.

Lüneburg Heath Nature Park invites you on a voyage of discovery. Visit mystical trees, bubbling springs, wide open landscapes and wonderful vistas. Here we will show you the way to 47 "Natural Wonders" and "Natural Sights". In addition to well-known places like Totengrund or Wilseder Berg, you will also find many hidden secrets.

For thousands of years, Lüneburg Heath has been characterized by the economics of the people. Thus, most of the "natural wonders" featured here are also influenced by the cultural history of the region and many "natural sights" are the result of man's influence. Glacial erratic boulders were combined to form megalithic tombs, trees were cut for firewood, heather areas kept open, and wetlands were cultivated.

When you click on a natural wonder or a natural sight on the left-hand menu, you will find data and facts giving a small insight into the secrets of this landscape. You will be surprised by the rich variety!

A summary of all the nature wonders and natural sights can be found on this map.

Natural wonders in 360° panoramas (Quicktime)

You have discovered a natural wonder or natural sight when you see one of these Plaques:

Abbildung Naturwunder- und Naturblick-Plaketten

Explore the Natural wonders for yourself

What is your favourite natural wonder? Where is your favourite natural sight? This website shows you a selection of fascinating natural phenomena and wonderful landscape vistas in Lüneburg Heath Nature Park. There are also many more hidden secrets that are not listed and which are worth discovering.

What is your favourite place? Which view do you like most? Tell us your personal favourite nature wonder or your favourite natural sight in Lüneburg Heath Nature Park and tell us how you are connecting to this place! We will publish the most beautiful photos and reviews on our website. We are looking forward to new discoveries!

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