Lüneburg Heath Nature Park experience with a Joëlette

A Joëlette is an all-terrain wheelchair. Anyone who depends entirely or partly on a walking aid or a wheelchair can use one to experience nature in Lüneburg Heath Nature Park. 

With a Joëlette, you can ride on any path that a bicycle can use. 

For a trip with the Joëlette, three people are necessary. A small hiking group is ideal, as the front and back companions can be changed. Please bear in mind that the companion must correspond to the body weight of the passenger (max. 100 kg) and the length of the journey.

Information about renting a Joëlette

A Joëlette is ready in Heide-Landhaus Döhle and can be rented there by appointment:

Heide-Landhaus Döhle
Herr Veit
Dorfstr. 44
21272 Egestorf-Döhle

Phone: 04175 - 802848

E-Mail: info(at)heide-landhaus-doehle.de

Internet: www.heidehof-doehle.de

Price: For a half-day tour, a fee of €5 will be charged, for a full-day tour it is €10.


For children to sit properly on the Joëlette, a car seat can often be used. It can simply be placed on the seat of the Joëlette and fixed with the seatbelt.