Barrier-free horse carriage rides

Guests with restricted mobility can also benefit from a horse carriage ride in Lüneburg Heath. Here you will find details about the providers who allows barrier-free exploration of the Nature Park in one of their beautiful horse carriages.

Quality testing is important to us. We therefore recommend only certified quality horse carriages, who have TÜV-tested carriages. If you have any questions or comments about the carriages in the Nature Park region, please feel free to contact our office, which will gladly provide you with further information about this barrier-free nature experience.

Undeloher Hof

Undeloher Hof offers horse carriage rides from Undeloh to Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve. It has 2 horse carriages suitable for wheelchair users. Photos and further information can be found on the Undeloher Hof website:

• 1 carriage equipped with a lift, where 2-3 wheelchair users can ride. Overall, the coach is set up for 20 people.

• 1 carriage has a non-slip ramp (perforated plate) installed behind. Up to six wheelchair users fit on the carriage.

Address and directions

Undeloher Hof                     

Wilseder Str. 22 21274 Undeloh

Tel: 04189-457 Fax: 04189-468

Mail: info(at)


Notes on accessibility

For horse carriage rides that lead to Wilsede: in the Milchhalle Wilsede there is a disabled toilet. Undeloher Hof has a disabled parking area. The restaurant area is stepless and accessible and has a disabled toilet. In the hotel there are rooms on the ground floor, disabled-toilets are however not yet installed. The upper floor can only be reached via a staircase.