"Der Trickser" (the trickster) fairy tale trail

In Kleckerwald there is the 3.2 km long fairy tale trail with 15 interactive fairy tale points and 5 great climbing points leading uphill and downhill. You will pass ancient, enchanted fish ponds, where a golden carp lives with its friends.

This trail tells you the following fairy tale:

Misfortune has happened - the trickster has destroyed the magic wand of a village. Now there is a quarrel between the elves, dwarfs and goblins, who had previously lived in harmony. Three friends - the elf Pinki, the dwarf Zipfel and the goblin Keril - want to change this. They question the wise snake who tells them how they can get a new wand. But until the time comes, the three friends have to find seven ingredients and have some adventures. Accompany the three friends on their way and follow the sign with the broken wand.

Information about the fairy tale trail

Information: Nature Park Information Office Jesteburg

Length of trail: The trail is 3.2 km long.

Address/location: The Märchenwanderweg car park is on the L 213 between Bendestorf and Jesteburg. Information for the navigation system: Lohof 1, 21266 Jesteburg.

From Hamburg-Harburg you take HVV bus 4148, bus stop "Lohof".

Notes: Suitable for families with cross-country pushchairs or prams

Notes on accessibility

  • The route is 3.2 km long
  • Due to the structure of the path, only suitable for off-road pushchairs and prams
  • There are individual benches at five places on the route, two benches with a table by the fish pond, and several tables and benches at the end of the route. All benches have backrests.
Ein Piktogrammsymbol das für Gehbehinderte steht.
Ein Piktogrammsymbol das für Familie steht.