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The fascinating world of bees

Bienenwelten - Ausstellung im Naturinformationshaus Niederhaverbeck

The "Bee World" exhibition in Niederhaverbeck Nature Information Centre is devoted to the fascinating world of bees. What is special about bees? What is so special about heathland beekeeping? What are the peculiarities of wax and honey? Fascinating photos of these insects, short films and reading material help you to explore the world of bees and beekeepers. On our flower meadow you will learn why a yellow flower looks red to honeybees. The honeycomb wall explains how gummy bears are connected with wax.

Address and directions

Information: Stiftung Naturschutzpark (phone: 05198 | 987030)

Address / location: Naturinformationshaus, Niederhaverbeck 3, 29646 Bispingen

Opening hours:

4th March to 14th July: weekends and holidays in Lower Saxony: 10 am - 5 pm

15th July to 15th October: daily 10 am - 5 pm

Individual guided tours by appointment.