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Nature Park History

Lüneburg Heath Nature Park has been a pioneer of many developments in nature conservation. On this page, you will find out more about the many big and small steps on it journey to its present form. In 1909, private initiatives led to the first legal protection measures of the area. This was the first nature reserve in Germany. The first nature park was also founded here, in 1956. The Nature Conservation Park Association and prominent personalities with great vision played a crucial role. In particular we are referring to Egestorf Pastor Wilhelm Bode and the Hamburg businessman Alfred Toepfer. Without them the landscape of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park would certainly look completely different today. If they had not campaigned with so much vigour, persuasiveness and money to preserve the landscape, it would now be pushed back significantly, if not completely disppeared.


Portrait Pastor Bode

From 1956 the “Verein Naturschutzpark” was responsible for Lüneburg Heath Nature Park and after the extension of the Nature Park, responsibility passed to Lüneburg Heath Nature Park Region Association. The Nature Conservation Park Association continues the important management measures to maintain the heathland in the nature reserve. Lüneburg Heath Nature Park Region Association promotes sustainable development in the entire Nature Park as an area for living, business and recreation.

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