Nature Park and LEADER Region

Lüneburg Heath Natural Park and LEADER under one roof - find out more about the connections.

In 2007, Lüneburg Heath Nature Park was recognized by the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment as a valuable cultural landscape worthy of protection. The Nature Park promotes sustainable development of the region as an area for living, business and recreation. Today it covers 1,070 km² and is home to about 100,000 people. A total of 45% of the area is under nature and landscape protection. The boundaries of the Nature Park are largely based on protected areas, forests, rivers or roads and not on municipal boundaries.

At 1,500 km² and with 130,000 inhabitants, the LEADER Lüneburg Heath Nature Park Region is slightly larger than Lüneburg Heath Nature Park; this is because almost the entire areas of the municipalities and towns are involved in the European LEADER process. Hence, the boundaries of this LEADER Nature Park Region are usually along municipal boundaries.

The Samtgemeinde (joint communities) of Tostedt and Ilmenau are the two largest additions in terms of area. The municipalities of Schneverdingen, Neuenkirchen and Soltau act as a "hinge" to the neighbouring Hohe Heide LEADER Region and are a part of both LEADER regions. Buchholz is also active in both regions. The southern area of the town is located in the Nature Park and the northern part in the ILE region Rosengarten Regional Park.

Naturparkregion Lüneburger Heide e.V, with its offices in Winsen (Luhe), is responsible for work in the Nature Park as well as for the interests of the LEADER Nature Park Region. In this way, duplicate structures can be avoided and the interests of the inhabitants of the region can be pooled into innovative projects.

A map with an outline of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park (purple) and LEADER Lüneburg Heath Nature Park Region (red) can be found here: Nature Park/LEADER Nature Park Region.