Local Action Group (LAG)

Citizens, municipal politicians and Nature Park management come together in this body to decide on project measures within the framework of LEADER support.

The Lüneburg Heath Nature Park Region Local Action Group is the initiator and responsible body for the LEADER process. It is administered by the "Naturparkregion Lüneburger Heide e.V." and is not in itself a legal body. The statute of the Nature Park Region is therefore also the basis for implementing the LEADER process. Regional interests can thus be pooled and dealt with under one roof.

The members are responsible for the implementation of the regional development concept. The Group meets at least three times a year to advise on support for projects and to control the process. The body brings together regional skills through its 38 members. More than half of the members are business and social partners and the rest are public partners. The committee work of the Local Action Group is governed by procedural rules which supplement the statute of the Nature Park. Public and guests are always welcome at all meetings.


Board & Chair

The Board prepares the LAG meetings. The members are composed of the Board of the Nature Park as well as other business and social partners. The Local Action Group is chaired by Olaf Muus, the Mayor of Hanstedt. He was elected for a period of two years.