A jump into the cool water

... is possible in these swimming pools, forest pools and natural pools in Lüneburg Heath Nature Park:

  • Waldbad Amelinghausen
  • Freibad Bendestorf
  • Luhetalbad Bispingen
  • Freibad Buchholz
  • Aquadies Egestorf
  • Waldbad Hanstedt
  • Freibad Jesteburg
  • Naturbad Kirchgellersen
  • Allwetterbad Munster
  • Naturbad Neuenkirchen-Delmsen
  • Waldbad Salzhausen
  • Heidjer-Hallenbad Schneverdingen
  • Therme Soltau
  • Freibad Westergellersen

Further information

Ask about opening hours and entrance fees in your local Nature Park Information Office.