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Amusement parks and other attractions

Everything is upside down here!

Außenansicht vom verrückten Haus in Bispingen

DAS VERRÜCKTE HAUS (THE CRAZY HOUSE) in Bispingen turns everything upside down! A complete family house is rotated 180 degrees, all of the furnishings, chairs, tables, WC, lamps and cabinets, hang upside from the "ceiling". The visitor has the opportunity to witness this amazing experience on two floors covering 110 m². Great fun for young and old. An extra trick: the house is leaning over by 5 degrees. A special challenge for your Balance!

Immerse yourself in a spectacular, inverted world and put your sense of balance to the test! Experience the world from a different perspective!

Address: Das verrückte Haus, Horstfeldweg 1, 29646 Bispingen

Website: www.dasverruecktenhaus-bispingen.de

Heide Park Resort Soltau

Eine Familie fährt mit der Wildwasserbahn im Heide Park Soltau

Heide Park Resort Soltau is one of the largest and most beautiful amusement parks in Germany. It is a park for the whole family. In the midst of a beautiful park landscape, which turns into a sea of flowers in the summer, there are 50 attractions and shows. Over 40 rides are waiting to be experienced by you. They extend from quiet and comfortable to fast and breathtaking.

Logo Heide Park Resort Soltau

The Heath Park Resort is world famous for several unique rides: Colossos, the world's largest wooden railway, and Scream, the world's tallest gyro drop tower. Take a ride on the fastest roller coaster in the world: after a catapult start, the Desert Race makes its lightning-fast ride, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.4 seconds and races like a hell-ride through the desert. Visit the Heide Park Resort website

Snow Dome

Skiing or sledging in Lüneburg Heath? Of course it's possible. Have a look at the Snow Dome in Bispingen and test your skills on the slopes. Afterwards the guests can pamper themselves in the eateries with specialties from Bavaria and Tyrol.

If you are looking for an evening’s entertainment, take a look at the event calendar.

To the Snow Dome website

Family experience trails

180 climbing places on 6 floors at a height of up to 30m! Always watched over by trained experts, the Höhenweg Arena is full of courageous children, frightened mothers, ambitious athletes and active seniors. And if you do not have the strength to climb, you can try one of the four ropeways or the base jump, put your feet in the water on the sandy beach, go on a pedalo, or throw something on the grill.

Logo Höhenwegarena

In 2011, one of the largest climbing facilities in Germany was built on the site of the former tank washing facility at Camp Reinsehlen in Schneverdingen. In 2013, this facility was extended with a second tower, the Sky Tower with 40 routes. A variety of tasks, combined with one of the most modern safety systems, create the best conditions for an exciting and challenging day, which only feels dangerous. The magnificent view of Europe's largest unimproved grassland habitat and the Nature Reserve allows the visitor to forget that the Höhenweg Arena was actually created on the rather unusual location of the former Reinsehlen tank washing facility.

Non-climbing visitors are of course welcome as well. Whether from below in a Strandkorb (beach chair) or in the middle in the action on the large visitor platform 8m up, excitement is guaranteed for visitors while watching and cheering. An individual challenge, a new adventure and above all fun is waiting for you!

The Höhenweg Arena can be reached via the Heide-Shuttle, Ring 1 Höpen stop.

To the Höhenweg Arena website. Further information and Prices.

Ralf Schumacher Kart & Bowl

Logo Ralf Schumacher Kart & Bowl

Ralf Schumacher Kart & Bowl is located close to the Snow Dome on the A7 motorway between Hamburg and Hannover. Behind this high-tech hall, completed in November 2001, is one of the most modern indoor karting facilities in Europe (600 metres). Here you can get the Formula One feeling. The outdoor track is a fast, fluid 1,100 metre route. There are outdoor karts for dry weather or with specially tuned karts when it is wet. For the young children, there is a special children's room so that parents can drive around undisturbed. On the children's kart track, young drivers can have their first experience in safe electric vehicles.

Go to the Ralf Schumacher Kart & Bowl website