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Even more fun and variety for young and old!

Lüneburg Heath Nature Park is distinguished by its striking countryside and many other attractions. These include amusement parks, indoor and bad weather attractions, art and culture, as well as a wide range of events. If you want to try out skiing in the summer, the world's largest wooden railway, visit a unique total work of art, or learn about the film technology of the post-war years, then Lüneburg Heath Nature Park is the right place for you!

In the summer months in particular, jump into the cool water. Find out where the closest pool is and have fun in the water.

Laufkäfer hasten durchs Gesträuch In ihren goldnen Panzerröckchen, Die Bienen hängen Zweig um Zweig Sich an der Edelheide Glöckchen; Die Vögel schwirren aus dem Kraut – Die Luft ist voller Lerchenlaut.

(Quote: Theodor Storm)

99 favourite places for active people are suggested by Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Several more tips can be found in Lüneburg Heath Nature Park. If, for example, you are interested in a walk with llamas or want to know where to canoe, you should read on.