The heathland art tour

Follow these signs

Alternativtext: Eine einfache Zeichnung eines Fahrrads und dreier Bauklötzchen

This tour will take you 54 kilometres (part of an almost 100km circuit) through the exciting art landscape of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park.

The interaction of man and nature has shaped the landscape. Artists respond to it and make it possible to have a new view of this exciting relationship.

Their works summon a more attentive and precise perception. In the "Schnuckendorf" Neuenkirchen you will find the Springhornhof is a good starting point for your exploration of art in the heathland. The historical courtyard has been used for exhibitions since the 1960s. You will receive expert information on the cultural project ART-LANDSCAPE. Equipped with a map, you can go on a cycle path that takes you to the 38 outdoor sculptures.

In Schneverdingen, "De Theeshof" Local History Museum gives a vivid insight into rural life in the past and is also a modern venue for theatre performances, readings and film evenings.

In the former farmhouse, today called Frido-Witte-Haus, a permanent exhibition shows the work of this painter and graphic artist who was born in Schneverdingen. A remarkable landscape art project is being created on the site of the former Camp Reinsehlen. After decades of military use, the artist Jeppe Hein, under the project "Parcours", is revealing the traces of the past visible on the largest unimproved grassland in Germany and letting visitors experience the revival of nature.

The painter Allda-Eugen de Bruycker lived and worked on nearby Höpenberg. In the de Bruycker studio a permanent exhibition of paintings invites to learn about this important landscape painter. You will encounter his motifs on your tour, which will take you through the beautiful, wide heathland in Höpen landscape protection area. From many places on Höpenberg you can enjoy a distant view of Wilseder Berg. And you have the next objective in front of you. "Dat ole Hus" heathland museum in Wilsede, built in 1742, is the oldest farmhouse on the Heath and provides interesting information about the history of the interaction of man and nature. You will continue your art trip to Hanstedt across one of the original parts of the nature conservation area, the "Totengrund", via the high heathland called "Auf dem Töps". The sculptor Max Schegulla lived and worked in the village of Dierkshausen from 1958. In Hanstedt you will find his "Riesen Bruns" and in the Evangelical Church you will find his wooden relief with a depiction of the baptism of Jesus.

In Jesteburg, Bossard Site of Arts combines painting, architecture, sculpture and garden art into a total work of art shaped by expressionism. Another art genre is associated with idyllic Bendestorf. Since 1947, cinema and television films have been shot there, including "The Sinner" with Hildegard Knef and "Ave Maria" with Zarah Leander. Bendestorf Film Museum describes this chapter of art on the Heath.